Let's first clarify...

"Our place or your place?"

With Sensory Academy you can chose to come visit in the Arctic arena... or for Sensory Academy to come to you, where ever you are... We can even meet somewhere in between. What is offered by us, however, always contains one or both of two core elements that will add value to your activities.

Core element 1: Multisensory experiences

One element is the mere sensory experience. By coming to us, you'll disconnect a moment from your ordinary environment and habitual modus operandi, and enter a different state of being. By courtesy of the Arctic. We welcome you for a staycation at our homestead in the Arctic North. Visiting Sensory Academy for an overnight stay in passing or a week's vacation are examples of merely investing your time, money and attention in co-creating basic, multisensory experiences with us. Your own choice, whether to go simple accommodation style or all bespoke with personalized activities by ""workation".

Core element 2: Sensory insight into the creation of value

The second core element consists in co-creating comprehensive educational insights, to be utilized in your own value creation. It can take place at your place as well, as consultancy.

This element will bring you into a deeper understanding of human as a sensory being (the word being comprising also doing, becoming and belonging)

This second core element should be in your centre of attention if you aim to operationalise the sensory landscapes and dynamics of your own activities more strategically.

And how do we go about this?

By using cutting-edge neuroscientific phramework. Firstly, to understand the principles and dynamics. Secondly, to apply that understanding strategically in design and delivery.

Whether your primary goal is to:

  • achieve improved product quality
  • generate increased revenue
  • instigate enhanced productivity and/or creativity
  • improve work environment
  • warp customer satisfaction to the next level
  • build sustainable brand value

Most likely, all of the above will be realized wholesomely...

Level 2 is always bespoke... we co-create the future approach to your value creation.

Most will argue that big data is vital to any business strategy. Fewer argue that small data are just as vital. But in a business environment increasingly gravitating towards maximum levels of customisation, small data become VITAL.


Engaging with Sensory Academy for the development of an educational, analytical or advisory solution to the specific needs and situation of your particular organisation, assumes much more comprehensive value of a much deeper level, than level 1. This offering will contribute to your overall knowledge and maneuverability, through process- and experiencebased collaboration. Needless to say, requiring also a deeper level of your participation.

Sensory Academy offers an evidencebased methodical approach for stakeholders to increase and sustain revenue, by accumulating, structuring and operationalising small data within the economical roams of:

  • manufacturing
  • service deliveries
  • experience production, transformational experience co-creation included

We can help you assess the fundamental health and unlock the hidden strengths of your organisation, whether it be the productivity and thriving of your teams, the quality of your products, services and experiences... or your overall brand strategy...