Privacy definition

Privacy is the right to control your own personal and private data. Personal and private data is – in this specific context – defined as information and assessments linking to a particular individual. Sensory Academy treats all collected personal and private data, accumulated through any solution or service of ours, according to the, in any moment applicable, Norwegian and EU legislation. We aim to carefully curate individual data in a way that does not compromise the integrity, availability and confidentiality of our customers. This statement of privacy contains information about which individual data we collect, how they are collected, how they are stored and which rights you have, when personal and private data is registreret with us.

Your privacy rights

Our data processing is regulated by Norwegian legislation on personal data act and regulations and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as long as this applies in Norway. Your civil rights tied to our data processing can furthermore be studied under personopplysningsloven og personvernforordningens kapittel III.

Which personal and private data does Sensory Academy currently collect, store and use?

No (0) individual, personal or private data tid to individual or organisational clients is collected, stored or used pr. february 2024. Sensory Academy is the sole and independent data controller of all data accumulated in our systems. The legal responsible ownership of Sensory Academy is the primary responsible party for the data collection of Sensory Academy.


Sensory Academy reserves the right to breach general privacy rules in case of life threatening situations occuring on our venue, when such breach may contribute to the salvation of health and life of individuals.

Contact information

Sensory Academy requests that any question regarding privacy rights, or suspected breach of privacy, kindly be directed to us without hesitance.


If you are under a substantiated assumption Sensory Academy is causing you to be exposed to privacy breaches, the Norwegian data supervision authority will receive and process your complaint. Kindly follow instructions on