It’s healthy to be bored!

In controlled dosages…

There you have it.

But we allready knew and appreciated that here at Sensory Academy. In fact, we kind of make an effort to often enough be enormeously bored. Waaay more bored, than the average population.

We certainly have the perfect climate, to be seriously bored. Boring nature. Boooring silence. Boooooring darkness as polar winter approaches. Booooaaaring monochrome landscape, as snow covers all horisontal surfaces. Boredom boredom boredom.

Martin Lindstrøm is a progressive, innovative brand marketing person (I refuse to call him «guru»), who gives an interesting talk on the subject of boredom and it’s relation to empathy and technological disconnectedness, in this podcast «The Next 20 Years» at «Heartbeats Player».

Smithsonian Magazine makes a journey back into the origins of the concept of boredom… connecting our current condition to that of ancestors all around the world…

Same day as Martin Lindstrøms talk was published, Denmark’s National Broadcasting company Danmark’s Radio, streamed a natural science podcast «Vildt Naturligt» («Wildly Natural»). This issue addresses also boredom as it’s called: «Are you bored enough?«:

In another broadcast, «I virkeligheden» («In Reality») two Danish journalists from DR also address the phenomenon of «Boredom«…by testing themselves and eachother in the art of getting bored.

They include Kirkegaard, «human baths», pain and tips on how to exit boredom…

They interview Hans Henrik Knoop who is professor from Århus University, and talk about how research shows, that our innate urge to exit boredom apparently makes us prefer electrical chok to boredom…(!)….

There is a fine line between boredom and sensory deprivation, which can lead to physiological, cognitive, emotional and social decline… ultimately anhedonia, the loss of joy…and possibly death…

What is your relationship with boredom?

Doing or being, what is your prefered state?