As facilitator & change maker

You may benefit most from a collaboration with Sensory Academy if you:

  • Work for impact
  • Find «small data» as important as «big data»
  • Work with long term strategy rather than short term
  • Are in the business of «people work«… or any kind of work related to human experience and/or consumer/customer/patient behaviour
  • Wish to understand the deeper layers of human behaviour… beyond cognitive and emotionel drivers
  • Reflect on the human behavioral dimension of sustainability as well as the planetary and economic ones…
  • Aim to improve quality, customer & employee experience, business revenue and brand value through sustainable approaches

As traveller & explorer

You may find Sensory Academy most agreeable to visit if you:

  • Like unique
  • Like co-living and sharing
  • Seek non-standardized solutions
  • Can help yourself to meals and activities
  • Are attracted to personalized experiences
  • Can live with cat hair and perpetual, creative projects
  • Want to get insight on everyday life at a little, simple homestead
  • Like sharing the stories connecting past to present, and present to future
  • Appreciate a vibrant, messy kitchen with life, laughter, talk and storytelling, even though the space is a bit too small and the facilities a bit too old…

As wanderer & «insplorer»

You will enjoy staying at Sensory Academy for a longer period of time most if you:

  • Find quiet exclusive…
  • Are attracted to simplicity
  • Experiment with digital detox
  • find non-perfection important
  • Are open to active participation…
  • Like the presence of pets & wildlife
  • Seek inwards directed contemplation
  • Are oriented towards the remoteness from citylife
  • Place great value in practical household sustainability
  • Enjoy your own company much, but that of strangers as well…
  • Find material luxury and comfort not to be an important criteria at all…
  • Wish to explore yourself in an ever-changing nature, sometimes idyllic, sometimes demanding…