Initially, the logo of Sensory Academy brought thoughts of a spider’s web to mind, which would symbolize the complexity of the world we navigate in. The interconnectedness of all. The spider is a hypesensitive creature. It uses it’s vibrational sense to detect whether what touches the web, making it shiver, is a prey or an external force posing a threat to the structure. For such a delicate lacework, it is an amazingly strong and enduring structure…

Eight pillars concept

The current circular shape of the Sensory Academy logo developed slowly as the ideas of Sensory Academy began taking form in 2013. With an eight-sensorysystem approach to our offerings rather than the conventional five-sensory, we draw upon eight pillars, which can can be seen as core values, or birch poles, supporting our whole structure. Incidentally, eight core dimensions are also what we apply mostly, at our Arctic «laboratory», where we explore the art of hosting through engaging in activity.

Lavvu smoke hole

As Sensory Academy gravitated towards a physical manifestation in the Arctic, the logo eventually began taking the shape of a lavvu smoke hole… Because many a cozy, safe night has been spent inside a lavvu, seated comfortably on reindeer skin in the lwarmth of a bonfire, while the tonic smoke ascended through the smoke hole and dissappeared like magic, leaving merely a slight odour behind…

People of all origins have built structures to find shelter from harsh weather, whether it be the heat of the sun, or the cold of the freezing winds. Tents, formed by solid poles with textile or turf draped around them, have offered humans protection since the beginning of mankind. Tippie, or lavvu as it is called up in Sami language, has been a vital part of nomadic life, symbolizes safety, warmth, coziness and familiarity even during conditions perceived as hostile. And thus, our logo is inspired by the inside of such a structure, as it appears when looking up towards the smoke exit hole, eight birch poles meeting each other in the top.

The transient volatility of the nomadic lifestyle is typical for those people of Sami origin, who still engage in reindeer herding. This people who have their ancestral centre here, used to travel with their lavvus for their reindeer to graze new pastures with the changing seasons. This nomadic, transient lifestyle symbolizes to Sensory Academy a life in eternal change, to which all humans must adapt. As the eight pillars are what keep the sami lavvu mobile, yet standing even in violent blizzards, we trust that these eight pillars form a structure which can help Sensory Academy contribute to the dynamic, yet solid experience of our guests.

Our logo may also bring associations to a sun or a wheel… and it’s is not too far off…


The logo is in fact brings associations to Beaivi.

A spiritual symbol,
found on old sami rock carvings

In sami culture, Beaivi is the Goddess of the Sun, Spring and Sanity and is symbolized by the sun wheel. In all cultures, sun is literally of vital importance.

According to sami myth, Beaivi travels across the sky with her daughter Beaivi-nieida, in an enclosure covered by reindeer bones or antlers, bringing spring with them. Beaivi is – like sun symbols in most cultures – associated with fertility of plants and animals, and thus of flourishing life, reproduction, health and wealth. The sun wheel was often placed at the center of the shaman’s drum (the «runebomme» of the «noaide») …The «runebomme» represented universe, the sun in the center surrounded by earth and sky…

We like this symbolism, as Sensory Academy is based on regenerative ideas about health and prosperity through ongoing sustainable development. Sensory Academy offers teachings on how sensory awareness can contribute to the management and development of everyday life as well as transcendental life rite events.

Ship steering wheel

The logo of Sensory Academy may even look a bit like a steering wheel…. and aren’t we all navigating through life like a shipsman at sea?…

The steering wheel often takes the shape of Dharmachakra, which is a strong symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism. These spiritual philosophies both relate to the number eight as well, by the Hindu manifested in the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and by the buddhists manifested in the Noble Eightfold Path.