Story of Sensory Academy

Sensory Academy is a little hybrid consultancy agency. It’s based on the conviction, that all domains of human existence are impacted (consciously and subconsciously) by the way people process sensory stimuli. Our sensory needs and capacity affect all human activity from our architecture, infrastructure, product development and services, to how we interact more informally with each other in communities and families. It also affects our experiences of everything mentioned. Thus, increased awareness and better understanding combined with science-based, strategic application, can contribute positively in the individual and societal creation of value for individual, «tribe», organisation, community and society. The vision of Sensory Academy is to steadily develop a «centre of sensory excellence» for applied multidisciplinary research and practice. Sensory Academy began to materialize in the beginning of 2016. The academy’s address on a homestead in the Arctic North became the physical manifestation of a «multisensory laboratory» by 2020…. Here, the «Art of Senscaping» is explored in all its fascinating dimensions. Feel free to learn a bit more about Sensory Academy’s founder, by pushing the red botton below left.

We readily and happily collaborate in international, regional and local partnerships, to explore and convey theory and practice on neuroscientific themes to the benefit of humankind.

Sensory Academy – the name

The name Sensory Academy is in itself an oxymoron. The ideas conveyed through Sensory Academy are challenging to pitch during a brief encounter. Baked-into the chosen name, lies the paradox that something «sensory» by definition is the opposite of something «academic«.

«Sensory» is something so utterly basic to biology, the most initial component to all life. Our understanding of our own senses is so basic, so instinctual and so intuitive, that most of us never think about them in everyday life. Yet, «sensory» precedes the capacity, even for the photosynthesis of plants. It’s the «mothership» of biological existence. Stripped of any cognitive signature, it represents the incredible interface between life, other-life and non-life.

«Academy«, on the other hand, symbolizes the human opposite to sensory. It represents the institutionalized concept of higher, cognitive functions in the human species. The oxymoron of Sensory Academy is in that sense, an eternal juxtaposition of two opposites in symbiotic relationship: The basic source of life, and the perpetual source of it’s development. And tucked in between those opposites, lies the subtle concept of «praxis«: namely action, processing and reaction.
So how on earth to pitch an «academic» approach to something «sensory»?