Sensory Academy is the proud developer and owner of the SensOctagon, an innovative marketing instrument for strategic analysis of experience products and profiling of consumer target groups.

The SensOctagon is extremely suitable for experience offerings in contemporary economy, whether corporate or smb arenas. The dynamic, neurobased marketing tool is centred around an individual-activity-experience axis, and will adapt itself to the core activity of any business in hospitality & accommodation, transportation, gastronomy, adventure tourism, experience guiding and health tourism. Also, specific communication offerings, such as media, theatre, event & exhibition planning, are relevant arenas for the application of the SensOctagon.

Our unique analytical process will help businesses and organisations:

  • Identify the sensory drivers and triggers of your consumer target groups better.
  • Develop deeper expertice on strengths and weaknesses of your products
  • Design, customize and co-create products of better quality (experience management)
  • Transform competition into symbiotic partnerships
  • Secure better customer/product matches
  • Increase local market insight
  • Accelerate brand value creation

Check out our intro video below (93 seconds), to get a quick glimpse of how the SensOctagon can bring new insights to your table.